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Excellence in Manufacturing

The growing competitions of manufacturing companies across the globe, striving them towards excelling in their operations. They are trying to adapt various tools, techniques and philosophies to drive the business results.

We @ Clorida, supporting the Management of Manufacturing Companies to understand their business visions, long term strategies, sales process, supply chain methodologies and assess through Lean tools, TOC and various techniques to create high level impact in their business results.

Our Offerings
  • Rapid increase in plant throughout
  • Due date performance consistency
  • Reduce operational lead time (above 50%)
  • Work-in progress inventory issues
  • Implementation of processes to get the maturity in Operational Excellence on a continuous improvement basis
Key solutions
  • Production Planning
  • Shop-floor scheduling
  • Demand Management
  • Order fulfillment
  • Material Planning and Inventory Control
  • Supply Chain Management