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OPEX Project Management

The so called Shutdown Projects AKA Turnarounds, are a typical and challenging type of project, since its high level of pressures, schedule time and availability of the team members for the shutdown project. It used to be costly, risk level is on the higher side and require more number of people to handle. The intricacy of this kind of project commands sound processes for both planning and executions.

What do we do @ Clorida

  • Project Management
  • To reduce downtime – which is very critical during planned maintenance shutdowns
  • Focus on releasing measurable increase in Production time
Our Solutions
  • To focus on completion of project ahead of time – Planning, Monitoring and Control
  • Cover protection against uncertainties adequately
  • To ensure quality of execution as per the Scope and well within the budget
  • Comprehensive Dashboard to cover Project Performance reporting and Decision making
  • To enable a win-win solution for all the stakeholders