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Performance Engineering

Performance is very much essential to the success of software systems. Performance Engineering is a methodical and quantitative approach to developing software systems that meet performance objectives. The two important elements to software performance for any product will be responsiveness and scalability . Performance problems are most frequently due to badly chosen architectural choices rather than inefficient coding.

Performance objectives specify the quantitative criteria for evaluating the performance characteristics of the system under development. These objectives may be expressed in three primary ways by response time, throughout, or constraints on resource usage.

Our innovative approach – Performance Engineering Lab focus on development of new framework / process / technologies and to build the capabilities to provide solutions to our clients on the performance engineering.

Why Clorida :
  • Engineering Business Process Consulting
  • Design & Implement the processes to reduce waste of Resources
  • Maximize the performance of a product within budget
  • Performance Monitoring & Response time SLAs
  • Continuous Improvement to scale the operations