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Supply Chain Management

Logistics performance is very crucial for the business, however many logistics organizations fail to realize the productivity and service potential expectations. The 5 R’s of Logistics Performance Management at the root level are defined as

  • Right Customer
  • Right Product
  • Right Condition
  • Right Place and in
  • Right time

The critical factors that affect the Logistics Performance Management

  • Ineffective strategy
  • Unclear performance metrics
  • Lagging Logistics Technology

We @ Clorida, used to bring this to the attention of the Management of our client(s) that there is a revolution in Logistics Management between Suppliers and Consumers across the Globe. Logistics supervisory team members should ensure that the Company’s software applications can adapt to its performance metrics and KPIs.

Assessment Outcomes
  • Increase in inventory turns drastically
  • Reduction in shortages
  • Drastic changes and reductions in Cross shipments and premium freights
  • Increase in Sales